CAGE Codes
  • 4B9E5
DUNS Codes
  • 603393187
  • 561311
  • 561210
  • 541712
  • 541690
  • 541614
  • 541611
  • 541513
  • 541330
  • 493110
  • 484230
  • 423110


Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

We hold a IDIQ Contract with the BIA to provide IT Staffing, Web Design, Custom Software, Technical Support and Consulting.

Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)

We have supplied Headquarters (HQ) PACAF with the expert military exercise planners, support staff and materials necessary to organize JCS Major Command, HQ and Component Numbered Air Force exercises, engagements and assigned operations. We have supported 40 exercises per year at bases throughout the Pacific.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

We have provided asset and transportation management services at EPA HQ, EPA Philadelphia Regional Office and the EPA Cincinnati Warehouse. Contract requirements have included inventory, property account management and motor vehicle fleet maintenance.

Army National Guard (ANG)

We have supplied all components necessary to the efficient relocation of ANG property, including: labor, supervision, insurance and permitting, a motor vehicle fleet and packing materials.

U.S. Air Force (USAF)

Our team of experts has contributed through several key initiatives to the development of USAF’s C-130 and C-5 Corrosion Prevention and Control Program.